Friday, June 24

Roll up, roll up - get your votes in!!

Here we go - nominees time. Sit down and make yourselves comfortable.

Sooooooo then, out of the 12 blogmates remaining only 8 actually nominated, which was very naughty of the 4 that didn't - Big Blogger would have put the 4 abstainees up for eviction but it turns out that the hand of fate had an input and they are up anyway. The naughty 4 are: Gordon, NML, Vicus and Zoe.

There are a total of 9 blogmates up for eviction this week. These are, in no particular order:

Zoe, Girl, NML, Vicus, Mike, JonnyB, Dr Rob, Gordon and Clair.

Proving to be the most popular blogmates and escaping with their egos and weekends intact are: Miss Mish, Alan and Vit.

The poll will be up in the sidebar forthwith. May Big Blogger remind you that you need to vote for your least favourite. The current plan is for the top 2 to be evicted when Big Blogger views the poll on Tuesday morning.

Task to follow soon...


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