Friday, June 17

Quickos: The Vote

Whether or not Big Blogger pays any attention to this is by the by really, but seeing as there appears to be a growing tide of resentment aimed at poor, sweet little Quickos, I thought I'd ask you all for your opinions about him.

Is he rubbish? Or is he great? Does he nauseate you or make you want to play and skip? Should he be booted out (again) or made an honorary housemate?

Please leave your replys in the comments, or email me.

And while I'm here, Big Blogger will, despite protestations, stay freeform as it's more fun that way (if slightly confusing), and both Big Blogger and Little Blogger WILL try to post more. We promise.

Also, you'll all have the house to yourselves on Monday as we're having plastic surgery done. Don't wreck the place (or break into my secret stash)!

Over and out.


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