Sunday, June 12

Quickos Meets The Radio Star

Today is going to be really exciting. Peter is going to tell me all about being on the radio. He's got a really lovely voice and he knows a lot about knobs and sliders.

I would like to have a breakfast show so I could say "Good Morning" to all my friends and they could phone in and tell me about all their news. We'd talk about cereals and do traffic reports and everything.

Mike says I should have be on breakfast television with Natasha Kapliniskinny who is really pretty and has a lovely happy smile. I would like that a lot and was really excited at making some new friends. Mike said it might not be easy because Grumpy Dermot might sit on me by accident. It would be a bit difficult because when they do the weather I get all dizzy and have to go and sit down for a while.

My friend JonnyB has brought a friend with him, Mr Mitt, but Vicus Scurra says he looks like Quickos' Ghost! That was really funny.

Mummy carries me in her pocket in the morning. This way I can keep a special look-out tell her how to get to the kitchen.

Quickos loves drivetime


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