Tuesday, June 14

Quickos Flies In

Wow! What an exciting adventure I've had today. I was going to fly back to Belgium and had got all the way to the airport when there was an announcement over the speakers:

" Could passenger Quickos, on the Brussels flight, please report to the information desk '.

So I went along and they said that they had got a Special Emergency Message from Big Blogger asking me to come back to the house as my friends were missing me. I was missing all my friends too, so I went to the pilot and told him about my Big Blogger adventure and said sorry that I couldn't go on his really exciting plane.

He told me not to worry and promised me a special tour of the plane on my next journey!

Then I rushed back to the house. When I came in Alan played a special "Welcome Back Quickos Song - Listen to it here (mp3)

Quickos loves reunions.


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