Monday, June 13

Quickos Breakfast Show

Good Morning Bloggers!

Welcome to my Special Breakfast Show! I've had lots of lessons from Peter and now I'm having my own show on Big Blogger. The walls are really high and there aren't any windows, so I can't give a proper traffic report, but I expect there are loads of cars on all the roads.

I'm going to play a special happy song for everyone. My favourite is The Banana Splits Theme listen here - mp3. It's a great song to listen to and plan your adventures for the day.

Here is the News. Well the ladies have been running around in their knickers, Gordon's been wearing a sock in an unusual place and Mike is still trying to decide which shirt to wear. Mummy and thegirl have been sticking their tongues out a lot, which made Mr Hair go and hide for a bit.

Vit has been drawing everybody's 'bums and tums', but I wouldn't show her mine. NML has had a special Quickos tattoo and Peter has been trying to get us to eat healthy food.

And that's the end of Radio Quickos today! I leave all my friends with another Special Happy Song, listen - mp3

Quickos loves having a waffle in the morning


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