Wednesday, June 15

Pammy, what is it?

Zoe woke up from a cillit-bang daiquiri induced slumber, late in the evening.... she heard the shower running, and knowing that everyone else must be still asleep, for she is the toughest bird there is, she wondered who could possibly be having a shower... She forced herself off the kitchen counter where she had collapsed into the guacomole face first... she stumbled out of the living room toward the bathroom...

by the time she got to the bathroom, she had found her footing and summoned up some cillit-bang induced courage (it's long lasting AND powerful, try it TODAY!) and approached the shower cubicle...

She carefully placed her hand on the edge of the curtain, took a deep breath and swept the curtain back...

She GASPED....!


"But, but, Quickos," she said through the tears "you, you, you.... you..., oh fark, (she slapped the back of her head)... got. blown. up. with. all. the. other. sock. puppets."

Quickos looked at her kindly... "Zoe, my love, it must have been a dream, I've been in the shower. I just got back from a little trip.... look there, in my briefcase, there's a little something for you."

Zoe bent down to pick up the heavy leather briefcase, but fell over in a cillit bang induced fit,.... but when she came round, she found a brand new tiara on her head... this time it was a REAL ONE.

(I refuse to take any credit for the shower scene... that was entirely dr rob's fault)


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