Sunday, June 12

mmph umpy urble

*peers out from under duvet*

Oooaaargghhh! Why is my head pounding like this? What's going on? Who are all these people? Why is my bed full of empty Cillet Bang bottles? Why does that bloke over there have a purple face? Is that woman over there royalty or something, seems to be wearing some sort of crown. I think I need a doctor. Why did that dustbin on wheels just go mad when I mentioned the doctor. Is that bloke wearing a hoodie? Must be one of those juvenile delinquents I keep hearing about. Probably about to happy slap me or something. Probably get that naked bloke to help him, looks like a skinhead to me. Why does that woman keep poking her tongue out at me? Am I still asleep? Looks a lot like a dream. Dream? Feckin' nightmare more like.

*pulls duvet back over head*


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