Tuesday, June 21

Mike's Dilemma.

Big Blogger rules stipulate that the most popular blogmate in the vote, which is Mike, has the opportunity to reverse the decision if he so wishes.

He would simply have to substitute another blogmate of his choosing (Mike excepted) for Dr Rob.

Dr Rob or another? Mike decides.

Oh, within the hour. Starting ..NOW!

Big Blogger. 2:50 pm
Oh. My. God.

Mike had completely forgotten about this twist in the rules. Lost in thought, he turns off his iPod, makes himself a cup of tea, and wanders off to the garden.

Such power in his hands. But how should he exercise it?

Mike doesn't believe in free rides. With this in mind, he would have voted off the almost entirely silent Grocerjack in the blink of an eye. However, Big Blogger has already beaten him to it.

Have any of the other contestants fallen perilously silent? Mike checks the archives.

It quickly becomes apparent that neither Clair nor Vicus Scurra has spoken since last Thursday. And five days is a long time in blogging.

On the other hand, Dr Rob has barely shut up since he entered the house. The place would certainly be a lot more peaceful without him. But then, who signed up for a "peaceful" house in the first place?

On the other hand, isn't it a long-established truism that the "characters" always get voted out first in these sorts of contests? And wouldn't it be a better game if the "characters" were allowed to stay?

On the other hand, the people have voted - and who is Mike to overturn the popular mandate?

Mike stares into the tea leaves at the bottom of his now empty cup... and gasps. Has the oppressive heat got to him, or have the tea leaves settled into the shape of... a heart?

Follow your heart, thinks Mike. The leaves have spoken.

And with that, he strides purposefully back into the living area, and addresses Big Blogger.

"Big Blogger, this is Mike. Although loquacious at times, Dr Rob has nevertheless been a valuable asset to the house. I therefore wish to save him from eviction, by substituting the person with the second highest number of votes. That person is..."



(Mike understands the value of dramatic pauses at times like these.)



(The housemates hold their breath.)



"Mr Hair."

And on that bombshell, we cut to the commercial break.


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