Tuesday, June 7

Let's get ready to rumble....

As Ant and Dec so prophetically said once. Although Big Blogger seems to remember that they spelt rumble with a silent 'h'. And what happened to them eh? That'll teach them for misusing the English language.

Well here we go. This is it. The names are just about all in. The Big Blogger hat is ready and primed.

May Big Blogger now take this opportunity to introduce the special guest that has kindly agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to draw the 15 blogmates out of the hat. Oh yes, special guests as well. You are spoiled. He's not here just at the moment though as he's currently necking a couple of gin and tonics to soothe the nerves in the Big Blogger green room.

He wasn't first choice, granted, nor second. Or even third for that matter - but Big Blogger doesn't like to see people ranked as choices, it's very disrespectful. And budgets are very tight here at Big Blogger too. So when he does emerge, hopefully fully compus mentus from the green room, Big Blogger would like to hear a special interweb cheer for Terry, who works Tuesdays behind the bar at the local miners welfare.

Big Blogger only wishes that he had thought to get this beamed live throughout webland so that you could fully appreciate the enormity of the occasion and of course, get to see Terry in full glorious technicolour drawing the blogmates out of the Big Blogger hat, just like they do in the FA Cup - only more exciting.

The blogmates, as they are drawn by Terry, will appear in the comments box below immediately from 5pm. Be there or be, err, somewhere else.


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