Tuesday, June 21

The leaves have spoken

So there you have it folks. Full blown democracy in action. The leaves have spoken and Dr Rob breathes a huge sigh of relief and passes Mike a big brown envelope, and Mr Hair slopes off with his head all over the place.

So will Mike pay for this next week in the vote, or has he managed to make himself even more popular - or will he manage to make himself immune from eviction again?

If Mr Hair could say his farewells to the rest of the house please and go and see Little Blogger in the diary room.

Big Blogger has noted the feedback regarding postings, he will look into this and get back to you.

We do aim to please here, but we are as immortal of most of the rest of you - but not all it would seem. And as the rules state: the giving of some slack would be greatly appreciated. It is meant to be a bit of fun after all.


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