Friday, June 24

it really is awfully hot.

This weather is not doing anything for people's mood's around the house, lately. Good lord, did anyone see how hard Miss Mish pulled Vit's hair just because Vit ran out of brown crayons and so used Miss Mish's eyebrow pencil. Thank goodness Mike was around to pull Miss Mish off Vit, and Dr. Rob literally had to carry a screaming Vit and chuck her in the pool to cool her down.

Now that was a mistake. NML and the Girl were gently floating around and cooling off in the pool and neither liked being totally soaked. NML hurled some rather rude words at Dr Rob as her mascara trickled down her face. Vicus started an extremely heated debate with Clair who would have none of it and insisted that women are superior to men. I admit to having joined in but received a black eye from Vicus.

JonnyB was marching around totally naked waving a plackard saying "NO TO THE CLOSURE OF POST-OFFICES" but that only annoyed Alan who said that there shouldn't be a hyphen inbetween the words 'post' and 'office'. Gordon started getting tetchy about the lack of shade and yelled at Jonny to get some clothes on and would Alan kindly shut the fcuk up.

I'm praying for cooler temperatures these coming days before someone gets killed.

Oh, and does anybody have a sirloin steak handy for my eye ?


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