Sunday, June 12

In Which I Sneak Back In........*

Well it really has been fun so far. Everyone else has been running around and making new friends and showing their underwear off to each other. (Really! A lady never does that sort of thing. I can see I'm going to have to give some lessons in deportment...)
I meanwhile, have been unpacking. Now I admit it has taken a while but there's all the frocks to steam, the hats to line up, the slap to co-ordinate and - seeing the cut of the other inhabitant's jib - well, I've had to hide the lingerie. Not that I have any thongs to hide (Unhealthy and frankly, a little common for the likes of me) but I can see people, shall we say, laughing at my insistence on co-ordination right down to the skin.

So I shall enter and meet my new friends and see if I can interest anyone in a game of scrabble. Now, what shall I wear?

*Look, I only climbed the fence to buy a copy of the Times yesterday. Slightly difficult with heels and a frock but I manged it with only a minimum of scuff marks on the fencing. But it was worth it. We're mentioned in the webwatch bit!
Oh and I'd like to ask Big Blogger for an hour off on Tuesday - I've got a manicure booked.


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