Thursday, June 30

In Which I Return

Well hello darlings! Did you miss me? Here I am back from my few days away (and thanks for the Mish flap in the back fence Big Blogger) and with presents for you all.
There are 400 fags in the kitchen cupboard, but I’m sorry [NAME DELETED], there are no girly Marlboro lites for you to filch. Not that you smoke of course…. There’s another bottle or two of duty free gin and some strange local blue stuff which I’m assured is THE drink for the discerning connoisseur. A darling man told me that the local girls (such a strange accent and with a quaint style of local costume) add a glass of port to it and it tastes just like Vimto! But it does give you a strangely coloured tongue.
Two straw donkeys for you to fight over, a bag of candy-floss and a large box of fudge with ‘A Present From Southend-On-Sea’ writ large upon it. Oh and a pack of rock amusingly shaped like pencils for Vitriolica. Perhaps she’ll be nice and share them with you. Now I simply MUST have a cup of tea and a sit down before I start unpacking.
Have I missed any gossip?


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