Thursday, June 16

In the Summertime

Hello everyone! I've been sunbathing in the garden with my friends thegirl, clair and NML. It's not like bathing at all as you don't get wet. but it is really nice to feel warm all over. Quickos feels warm all over everytimr he sees his friends!

Yesterday I had a really exciting day. I was helping clair make a thingy in the shed. I'm not sure what a thingy is, but we had a great time building it.

Dr Robb started talking all funny, Mummy said he'd been in the sun too long. I wasn't sure if she meant the comic or the big yellow thing in the Sky. It was a bit hard to tell what Mummy was saying as she seemed to be drinking the water in the swimming pool.

vicus scurra is going to make my brain bigger today by telling me lots of facts. Big Blogger says the house is too quiet, so Mike and I are going to have a special disco! It'll have lots of lights and big glittery balls on the ceiling. I'm going to play my Special Party Song - Listen - mp3

Quickos loves the Sun


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