Saturday, June 11

I'm sure a little explanation is necessary... there seems to be much talk of Irn-Bru...and... well, I've met an awful lot of people in my life who, astonishingly DON'T know what Irn-Bru is. so, I'm assuming there are some in the BB house who are wondering what the strange orange liquid is in the fridge, on the shelves marked "Peter" and "Gordy".

I have slaved for hours and hours trying to get the colour right. I can't.

Anyway, it's a drink, that's "fuzzy" and it's made of sugar and old rust and it's bloody marvellous and I'm going to drink it while Peter and Gordon aren't looking because you can't get it in Portugal and I miss it.


I was going to try to do Tizer too, the other chemical "fuzzy pope", but I realized that I never drank it in my life and have no idea what it looks like... being of a scottish mother, not an english one.

Right, who's making dinner... I'm ravishing... ravished... er.. famished. see, I'm lacking blood(y) sugar.


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