Friday, June 10

I'm Feeling a little Warholed at the moment

I'm feeling a little Warholed at the moment Posted by Hello

Never the less Big Blogger asked for a picture and here it is. 'Eta Ya' for those of you who can speak Russian in the house.

Let me tell you this, I am not looking forward to the weekend at all, I mean what is there to do here? Nothing, nada, zip. Maybe Big Blogger will set a task or two, but the suns shining and there will be nothing to do but smear factor 25 all over the women!

Anyway, I was wondering about that guy over there, yes that gordon bloke, the one with the biro clutched in his hands and the crazed eyes. I also noticed he had a corduroy suit in his bag just like mine, that worries me. And strangely since he's come into the house I've had this strange song echoing around my head - I wonder if its a sign...listen here 'ere we go two, three, four'

Like the gravy the plot thickens...


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