Friday, June 10

I suggest that we attempt to lower the tone in here.

So fellow detainees, what are your views on the story:
Did Jesus die from DVT?
Another of TCM with little better to do than speculate on unquantifiable phenonema, or a serious contribution to scientific research?
The fact that the scientist in question resides at the Rambamthankyouma'm medical centre might sway your opinion.
Dr Rob, our intellectual, what say you? Zoe, is your faith shaken? Peter, wake up you lazy git and join the debate. Jonny do they still use crucifixion in Norfolk? Clair, does this have the makings of a subject for your Masters degree thesis?
As you know, I do not court controversy, so will not voice opinions that might cause feelings to be hurt, but instead offer the following advice as to how you might avoid a similar fate should you be crucified. (If we fuck up, we just get booted out, isn't that right Watski? No capital punishment).
1) Move around a bit. Go for a walk. In between, stand on your head.
2) Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. And vinegar.
3) Don't cross your legs. Ask the guards to use extra nails so that your feet are not nailed together. This might cost a bit extra.
4) Avoid tight clothing.


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