Wednesday, June 29

I Have A Heart

WARNING! This post has been amended in hindsight of future events, if that makes any sense.

Okay okay!

I still haven't a clue where Biggie has buggered off to, so it seems as if I'm going to have to be the responsible adult here.

In all my digressions (and thankyou to Pink for pointing it out) I completely forgot about the 'housemate with least votes being able to change the eviction' thingy that was implemented last week.

Well! It was so much fun last time, that it's only really fair that we do it again.


Not this week. Seeing as two people have managed to either evict themselves by breaking the rules or run away, there's no way we can save them. So unfortunately Mike, you'll have to keep your trigger finger under control for another seven days at least. I'm sure we can find another way to satisfy your bloodlust...


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