Wednesday, June 29

The grand unveiling

*clair coughs politely and smiles at the bloggers assembled around the shed*

Apologies for the delay in presenting the grand unveiling. I would offer an excuse, but you'd never believe that I actually had been abducted by aliens, so it's not worth it.

*there is a muttering from the onlookers as they try to guess what may be about to come out of the shed*

As everyone knows, a cat, falling out of a tree, will always land on it's feet. And toast when dropped will always land butter side down. This invention makes use of the well known case that if buttered toast is strapped to the back of a cat, and then dropped, they will continue to revolve indefinately. I have harnessed this source of cheap power. Through a source of complicated pulleys, gear shifts and connections...all made from wood and duct tape of course, I have converted the rotational energy supplied into a much more usable form...

Please behold the power of the (drum roll please) "All new Catoastic 2005 MkI Cocktail shaker"!

*there is a stunned silence amongst the bloggers*

What? Can you think of anything better for it to do?

In the interest of science, I will be disclosing the detailed blue prints that accompany this invention for all to see, suggestions for adaptions greatly appreciated.



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