Sunday, June 26

Five Things


1. Irn Bru is now available in the Diary Room. Gordon, you're up.

2. BlogFlap now installed in perimeter fence. Miss Mish and Mike, no more uncouth clambering for you..

3. Zoe, you'll find a 3-inch diameter hose laying on the lawn in the garden. If you could please take this to the pool, and then scream like Tarzan, Little Blogger will get a nice fresh supply of Pimms pumped through just for you.

4. Today is Naked Day. All housemates have to go fully naked for a minimum of three hours, or there will be some very unfortunate consequences.

5. There is a vacancy for a Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in Residence, รก la 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'. Dr Rob, please apply in writing to The Diary Room.


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