Sunday, June 12

eurovision thong contest


So there's Girl and NML parading around in thongs of varying stringiness and bottom pertness, making we mere bottom-mortals feel bad. I have just noticed a tat on Girl's bottom... is that... no... can it be? it IS... it's Quickos!

Well, I'm afraid, Girl, you're out of luck. I've been wondering for a long time about Quickos's sexuality, as I'm sure most of us have... but the truth is out and my question is answered...: Peter and Quickos are having a love-in over in the corner in the guise of "radio presenter lessons" (and it ain't pretty).

I'm hungry. Feed me someone. I'm a starving artist. Where's my breakfast?

I'm glad little brother blogger has finally put up the picture wall.... I'll be able to remember everyone's names now without having to scratch it into their forehead with a compass.


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