Thursday, June 9

Dr. Rob investigates

Dr. Rob, looks at the light reflecting off, the false teeth and ponders. If this was a Dan Brown Novel. There would be a sign that Peter’s comatose state was not at all what it seems to be. It could be a sign that someone in the house was a member of a secret society, (like the Tufty club) who has some how gained the confidence of Big Blo to get themselves elected into the house.

Dr. Rob saunters over to where Peter lies his soft snores belie the earlier diagnosis of death – maybe drugged. Dr. Rob takes a sip of the water holding the teeth. Hmmm Steradent - no clues there then. Dr. Rob then ponders the figures 666 scrawled in Biro over Peters forehead, but dismisses it as a red herring.

Yes something is up in the house; Dr. Rob shrugs and decides to take a Jacuzzi


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