Tuesday, June 14

Cillit Bang that 'pink' love that has no name

LB wheels in the Cillit Bang

I must say I have 'the taste' and its all the fault of this man

Damn you the pusherman,in your white teeshirt and come to me smile. I'm even impressed by the penny trick! Who are you why do you haunt my dreams?

You know I’ve seen a lot of people
walking around With tombstones in their eyes,
But the pusher don’t care
If you live or if you die.

Goddamned the pusher,
Goddamned I say the pusher man,
I say goddamned the pusher man.

My Name is Dr. Rob and I'm an addict. I have let down everybody, I can't help it (sob) I see those pink bottles and my will deteriorates. I must have it.

I was doing so well. I hadn't had so much as a squirt for weeks and now I'm back on three bottles a night, and you see what it does to me, I look like hell and have difficulty walking normally, I have to moonwalk everywhere. I even think I'm white!

My front garden has been transformed into a themepark and my best friends are all 12 years old! Albeit theres only one and he's a sock! (o I miss him where has he got too?)

Cillit Bang gurgle gurgle gurgle 'Woo Hoo', drool!

Thats why I love the diary room, it reminds me of being immersed in 'Bang' ; pink pink pink!

Bang me baby, come on baby, bang me one more time. Boom bang a bang, Bang bang she shot me down, see its insidious, I can't get away from it, its driving me crazy, and Chitty Cillit Bang Bang gets the kids hooked before they know it!.

Please no more, NO MORE, no more, how can you humiliate me this way LB?

I'm getting to be a bit like Hunter Thompson arn't I - COOL - pass the cillit! Don't bogart that squirty pink bottle!


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