Tuesday, June 21


Bless me.

Seems like all sorts has been going on here today. And I missed it all.

I've been recovering from surgery, and coming to terms the fact that the air I breath is my enemy, and also to see if I can come to some kind of arrangement with my friendly neighbourhood pollen-producing flowers regarding that air. I hate them all, because you see, Little Blogger suffers from hayfever. And he really hates it.

Thankyou, thankyou. All your sympathies are gladly received.

Normal service may be resumed tomorrow when the steroids kick in. Otherwise feel free to slip any booze and fag requests under the diary room door, and Mr Hair and Grocerjack (if you're alive, and/or coping with the emotional ordeal that is Eviction, I'll speak to you both soon so see what you have to say about it all.

Now. where are my mansize tissues?


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