Tuesday, June 14

Booze Up


Little Blogger here.

Dermot would probably say yo, so I have to as well.

Biggy and myself would firstly like to say that we hope everyone has thoroughly recovered after last night's excess. You did yourselves proud; a massive hoo-hah, fighting, drinking, puppet madness, dancing... Yet strangely no under-table fiddling (or maybe we just haven't got our cameras in all the right places yet, eh Girl?)

And because we're lovely people, we don't have wake-up alarms in this place - or burglar alarms in Alan's case - and contrary to popular opinion, we are quite prepared to supply you guys with ample amounts of chocolate, food, wine, scrumpy, dolly mixtures and legs of lamb (whatever you fancy really - Biggy is a qualified chef, so give and ye shall recieve, as they say), so you've got nothing to complain about really have you?

So for you, because we feel a bit sad over the whole 'Task' incident, and from me personally because of the 'Blowing Up Puppets' incident, and from both of us again due to the 'not having full english breakfasts at eight on the dot every morning' thing, we'd like to say a big SORRY to you all, and say that for the remainder of this week at least, you shall be plied with pretty much all the consumables you can manage to fit into your lithe athletic bodies.

This begins right now with a lovely tray of leek vol au vents, to be swiftly followed by an industrial size bowl of nachos with sour cream and chilli, and promptly book-ended by chocolate fudge cake 'surprise' (what the surprise is, no one knows) and a 5-stone roast piglet.

To wash these down, please notice the drinks trolley on the veranda - it is stocked up to the brim with all your favourites, as well as enough red wine, and yes, Cillit Bang, to keep even the most adventurous drinker happy until next year. Although with Mike, Dr Rob and Zoe around, we know that five in the morning is a more realistic estimate.

Tomorrow the first public poll begins. Everyone in the world (and we do mean the WHOLE WORLD) will have the chance to vote for who they despise the most. So if you want to win, now is the time to put on your happy faces and pretend that you love everyone, even though we all know you really want to scratch their eyes out with the nearest corkscrew. And amazingly, neither myself nor Big Blogger have worked out any way to fix the vote, so it really is a complete free for all.

And Task 3 begins too! And it won't involve Bill Oddie. We've learnt not to mess with the outside world...

So have fun tonight kids.

Love, your sexy pal, Little Blogger xx


Just for Zoe, LB has arranged for the best swimming pool this side of Harlow to be airlifted into the Big Blogger Backyard. It's just being filled up with Pimms, so give it half an hour, then feel free to breast stroke to your heart's content.


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