Thursday, June 2

Big Bloggers Little Blogger speaks

Well hello all you lovely people. I'm Little Blogger, and I'm the slightly less officious younger sibling of Mr BB.

I shall be carrying out the unenviable task of interviewing the evicted (or not yet evicted) blogmates, as well as providing various and assorted gossip to the world as I see fit. Generally speaking I am a law unto myself, so beware. I know where you live.

My first bit of news is to inform the world that work has now been completed on the Big Blogger house, and because I'm so nice I've plopped the very first shot of it in the sidebar just for you. Doesn't it look amazing? Millions of hard-earned taxpayers cash has been frittered away, and over 100 people have slaved day and night for the last 25 weeks to come up with this little beauty. Those blogmates are some lucky, lucky people.

So that's that. We'll know pretty much who the 15 chosen ones are by this time tomorrow, and after the weekend it's showtime!

So keep nominating! You've got to be in it to win it, as a great philosopher once said.


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