Tuesday, June 7

Big Blogger speaks...

Here we go, here we go, etc, etc.

This is it.

Yes my lovely, little squidgy but firm in places Big Blogger viewers, it's here. Today is definitely the last day you will get to submit your nominations for who you think should be one of our final 15 blogmates.

The deadline will totally, definitely, honestly not be extended after 5pm this afternoon (UK time).

Although a quick glance over at our nominations board tells you that we already have some high quality contenders alongside the usual assortment of Monster Raving Loonies and never in a month of Sunday'ers.

Big Blogger's hat is already in make up preening itself ahead of the grand draw at 1 minute past 5.

Nominees, please ensure that you have a working email address on your blog that will enable Big Blogger to send you either; a key to the shiny new Big Blogger house or, a commiseration email direct from Big Blogger HQ (probably signed in Big Blogger's absence by the work experience girl in admin), that you will undoubtedly keep in a frame in a prominent part of the house and point to often as a reminder of how close you were to making a complete tit of yourself on the interweb 15 minutes of fame, which would have brought with it invitations to lots of shit awards ceremonies where you would get drunk and try and get off with some people who used to be extras in Brookside.

Right, Big Blogger is off to get some air freshener for the diary room.

Good day.


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