Monday, June 6

Big Blogger speaks...

Now then you lucky people. You'd thought I'd forgot all about you hadn't you? A weekend without Big Blogger? How have you all managed? Ha ha ha.

No really, I need to know how you've managed.

You will all be glad to hear that my mind has recovered from it's trauma and is back up to full speed, which in truth is far less than the full capacity of a regular human being, but bear with me.

And I've been having a good think over the weekend. Oh yes. And amidst the thoughts about trampolining with Kelly Brook I've also been thinking about you people. Not you, you and you. But you. Yes you. And I've been thinking commercially, I've been thinking money, I've been thinking 'what is a competition without prizes?'

A bit shit, that's what.

And Big Blogger would hate it if you thought this competition was a bit shit. Although he'd probably agree if he thought about it impartially.

A competition is all well and good but it's got to be all about the winning in the end. The honour in participating and being a part of something special is all a bit naff and twee isn't it? It's all a bit soft. It's the flipping gold nugget at the end that we're fighting to achieve if we're all true with ourselves. The big trophy on the mantelpiece to show off when the neighbours pop round. And anyone who says any different is lying.

So with this in mind Big Blogger has been off down the shops and done something about it.

Well not really the shops as such. But he's had a think. The intent to get off down the shops was there about but he couldn't really be arsed with the ring road and the car parking. So as a consequence, he pissed around on t'internet a little longer than he usually does.

And the result of that little think and extended pissing about is residing in the sidebar.

An advert.

'An advert!!' I hear you wail as one. 'Boooo - sell out' I hear someone shout harshly at the back. Actually that is very harsh. Can you not do that? But before you unsubscribe in disgust and remove Big Blogger from your blogroll for contravening one of the unwritten rules of blogging, just hear me out.

The advert is for Amazon. Not everyone's cup of tea I grant you. But Big Blogger had a brainwave. He thought that if he placed an advert for Amazon in the corner of the page then some of you viewers out there might be tempted to buy your entertainment style purchases through this link. And the sum total of all that buying would be that the winner of Big Blogger 2005 would be the lucky recipient of all the commission. About 35p probably. And even less when my cut gets taken out* But hey. We're everything but generous here at Big Blogger.

You never know, he may even take a fancy to it himself and keep it. If you're extremely lucky.

No, I accept that it's not the greatest idea in the history of ideas, and if I'm truthful it looks even less great now that it's in black and white than it did in my head. But I've written it now. from tiny acorns, etc..

So, if anyone has any other ideas of things we could do to raise prizes for our lucky 15 blogmates, or even has anything to donate, then please let Big Blogger know.

*That is a lie put there for comic effect. Unless it's a lot, in which case it's true.


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