Friday, June 17

Big Blogger rules...

Big Blogger is speaking.

The proposed eviction on Monday has been put back a day until Tuesday, this is due to foreseen circumstances - that is why we're letting you know now. Big Blogger can't make his mind up whether this will be the case for Task 4 yet, so you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled.

Quickos is a honarary housemate type thing and will not be eligible to win the grand prize. Unbeknown to you, he and Big Blogger have an understanding and is now Big and Little Bloggers extra eyes and ears in the house - to tell tales on happenings that we haven't picked up on ourselves. And that means you Mike and Girl. So watch it.

Big Blogger needs to remind blogmates that all tasks must be completed fully, or.., or..., Big Blogger will blimmin well do something about it.

And now, a little mini-weekend task for you to be getting on with. Please draw up 5 house rules each - the number one rule from each blogmate will go onto the rules board and must be adhered to at all times by all blogmates.

Big Blogger will start:

1) No running the hot tap in the kitchen when Big Blogger is in the shower. It's not nice.

2) Big Blogger provides the blogmates with a lawnmower - there is no requirement to eat the grass.

3) Big Blogger provides food for consuming only.

4) Big Blogger is always right - even when he's wrong.

5) The bedsheets must be taken to the laundry - please don't allow them to walk there on their own.


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