Saturday, June 18

The Ballad of Dr. Rob

My Card from Matty Posted by Hello

Once again it’s early in the Big Blogger house
Nobody stirs not even a mouse
Dr.Rob tiptoes to the front door
His toes tippy toeing across the wet floor

He slides back the panels of the sliding door
Skirts the drunken blogger asleep on the floor
Feels the wet dew as he walks on the grass
Careful he thinks, ‘or I’ll fall on my ass’

He goes to the corner by the banana tree
And unseen by others he bends to one knee
He digs in the garden a depth just of inches
Above in the tree sing the two sweet bullfinches

He clasps to his busom the dirty object
If BB finds out he’ll be a reject
He bends as he shoves it under his shirt
Never minding his pants are filling with dirt

Back to the house with fleeting of foot
Back to the room in that dangerous hut
Back to the place where he feels mostly safe
Back before the parcel starts to chafe

Now back in bed and under the covers
Dr. Rob takes a breath and slowly recovers
He takes the parcel and slowly unwraps
The golden and sparkly paper gift wrap

He touches the box but can’t look inside
He knows that the contents will bring him alive
His hands are shaking as he lifts the lid
He knows it’s a present from his little kid

Matilda’s just six but she managed to get
A present to daddy, she never did quit
‘For Daddy’ the writing is scrawled on the box
How I love those, priceless, red tartan socks.

‘For Fathers Day’ are the letters she writ
On Sunday, but its early, yes, I’ll admit
For my daughter, I’ll let this one go
Cos I love her, as you all well know

Dr. Rob in his bed is happy again
Socks clasped to his heart, he mutters her name
He is happy and sad and he misses her so
But he lies in his bed his heart all aglow.


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