Thursday, June 2

Ayup ducks - Big Blogger's speaking. Pipe down.

Well I wanted to have a better opening line than 'This is Big Blogger'. And I think I've just about cracked it. Better suggestions always welcome though, not to mention always dismissed out of hand.

And it's quite clearly not Big Blogger either, as it says Watski at the bottom of this post and I don't know how to get it to say Big Blogger - so until I do you'll have to make do with Watski masquerading as Big Blogger.

Just pretend you don't know this and the whole experience will be a lot better, I promise.

Hasn't Mr Lagomorph done a splendid job with the decor? I just hope the incoming assortment of braniacs, maniacs and mad, err, ..iacs can do it justice.

Anyway, to business. Here is a list of the nominations so far:

Dating Dummy
Dr Rob
Billy Kay
Belle de Jour
Miss Mish
Mr Hair
Unfurling - NSFW
Madame Mara
(the other) Alan
Nick Barlow
Gary Savage
Mary Jane
Vicus Scurra

Friday 3rd June at 4pm will be the closing date for Big Blogger nominations.

Big Blogger will then inspect all nominations, laugh at a few and forget about some others, before drawing 15 names out of the specially commissioned Big Blogger hat.

Big Blogger will then email the selected 15 for their acceptance on Friday evening and will be expecting a reply back faster than the speed of light. Sunday will do in the event of any illumination hitches.

Big Blogger 2005 will then start in earnest with the first task on Monday 6th June before finishing swiftly the following day when I get bored. Oooh, how exciting. Can you sleep?

Best get thee suitcases packed then ducks. You're going away for a while.

That is all.

You may now vacate the diary room. It's getting a bit whiffy.

I best get off and think of some rules now hadn't I?


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