Friday, June 10

1st day over with

Big Blogger here again, some calm amidst the testosterone and angst. Drawn out of my slumber by the sound of provacation from Vicus, the sound of arguments coming from Rob and, err, Vicus again, the sound of slobbering coming from most of the male blogmates, probably inititated by Vicus too and the sound of Peter making lots of sounds except for the completing the task sound.

Well, you've had chance to view some of the blogmates already, and like me you're probably thinking: "Oh Lord, what have I done?" amongst other things, at least you can always switch off - Big Blogger has to live with this for at least 7 weeks.

It also seems from some communication from viewers on the text line that the Big Blogger house is under attack from outside forces - trying to lob some sort of p*rnography over the wall in a blatantly obvious case of PR - as if we needed any more. P*rnography and self gratuitous PR that is.

Unfortunately Big Blogger has the technical capabilities of a puddle of mud, so he is hoping that Little Blogger kept up with that 'how to solve internet shit' course that he started attending and knows how to zap it, otherwise Big Blogger predicts a viewer task occuring soon. Please bear with us.

Big Blogger also notices from the first few days viewing figures that we have people watching from the 'Really Flipping Nasty Christian Freedom Fighters against the Jesus DVT Theory'. They are watching a lot. Big Blogger can't understand what they would find here to interest them but he welcomes them and hopes they're having a nice time finding it.

Anyway, Big Blogger is off to, err, investigate this p*rnography thing.

Is the diary room free?


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