Friday, May 27

I've got an idea - ssssssh don't tell anyone

So here's the idea then. I think I'm on to something.

There's 15 people all in a house. To allieviate their boredom they are set a task every 2/3 days to fiddle about with. During the 2/3 days the people observing vote for their favourite person. At the end of the task the person with the least votes gets eliminated from the house. This carries on until there is one person left.

Sound familiar?

Rubbish. You're deluded.

In a totally original idea the like of which has never been seen before anywhere, Young Mr Lagomorph and I have set a little website up - well Mr L has done all the hard designy, shiny kind of stuff. I've just been the intellectual one standing in the middle of the room going 'can you put that there', 'err, no it's not right there - can you put it over there instead?'.

15 specially invited bloggers will get access to Mr Lagomorph's pride and joy on the first night, and the website a little later. Every other day or so they will get set a task which will involve them debating various issues, etc. At the same time as the task is set a poll will also go up on the website. The blogger with the least votes at the end of the 2 days will get eliminated and be laughed at for a while.

The blogger left at the end will be crowned the inaugural Big Blogger Champion. You never know, when I sell this to Channel 4 you may get to meet someone famous. I can see someone like, say, Davina MaCall wanting to present this.

Sounds boring? God yeah. But it's summat to do no?

Anyway, as Big Blogger I think I should have an identifiable accent. I'm thinking some kind of soft Geordie. What? It'll never catch on? We'll see. I'm off to perfect my Big Blogger voice anyway. And to try and sell the rights to Guatemala. I reckon it'll be a goer.

Please put your nominations for who you think should be in the house in the comments box. One nomination each please. I will draw them out of a hat at the end of some day in the future, ask the 15 if they would like to take part and get them to introduce themselves by way of a little spiel. Big Blogger 1 will start on Monday of next week.

Please email me with any suggestion for possible tasks for them to discuss.

You decide.

Hey I think I like that as a catchphrase.


Blogger thegirl said...

First thing: please get rid of Blogger comments (including this one) and replace with Haloscan, ta.

Great idea guys, should be a laugh I reckon.

12:28 AM  
Blogger mike said...

I feel a bit weird about nominating anyone, as it's potentially signing them up for a lot of work, and they may feel awkward about saying no.

So I nominate myself instead. :-)

9:23 AM  
Blogger Clare said...

Sounds a bit like that thing Mimi was involved in... except the other contestants weren't of mike-style calibre.

It was on

11:34 AM  
Blogger mike said...

Yeah, it's been done a few times before in the US: here, and here, and there was something called "Survivor Blog" which ran twice, I think.

Would be fun to have a more UK-centric version, though.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Tony B said...


12:43 PM  

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